Author Topic: Toronto Officially Moves  (Read 1004 times)

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Toronto Officially Moves
« on: May 18, 2018, 06:04:22 PM »
Following a miserable 100 loss season, longtime GM took pity on the moribund Toronto franchise and has assumed the role of GM. His first actions were to cut/not offer a contract to a number of underperforming players. His second action was to announce the team was moving to a new thriving metropolis - Punxsutawney, PA, population of about 6,000. They would be known as the Punxsutawney Groundhogs, named after the famous weatherman, Phil the Groundhog.

"This seemed like such an obvious spot for a baseball team," said the new GM. "Sure, the population's low but they have a lot of tourists and the locals have nothing else to 364 days a year."

The team logos and uniforms were not available at presstime. kingcharlesxii did say they were going to build a state-of-the-art stadium with a twist. The team is implementing the latest in technology including holographic Jumbotrons and an alternative reality Phil the Groundhog which would follow runners around the bases after a homer. Every US citizen was issued mandatory Snapchat/Facebook AR glasses last year so every fan should be able to take advantage the wonderful new virtual features which will overlay the original 1984-built stadium.

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Re: Toronto Officially Moves
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2018, 09:29:00 PM »
Love it.

Also not surprised you go from Squirrels to Groundhogs.
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