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I haven't written one of these in nearly a decade.  In that time, we won three titles so clearly these were holding me back.  But I don't expect to contend anyways so why not?

Key losses:

C Bo Tsu, SP Al Hairston, RP Del Hall, 3B Antonio Rivas, SP Ricky Parkinson, RF Ken Peternek, CF Ignacio Rivera, CF Juan Chavarria

Key additions:

CF Santiago Gonzalez, C Bill López, 1B Bobby Doyle, SP Chris Daye, 3B Alfredo Rosado

1B) Esteban Domínguez.  After a breakout 2085, Domínguez regressed to slightly more pedestrian numbers in 2086, hitting .268 with 20 home runs.

2B) Iván Morán.  Once expected to be a star contributor, Morán has settled into a career as a solid, if unspectactular, middle infielder.  He does have some pop, postiing careers highs in every extra-base hit last year, but his defense has struggled to keep up.

SS) Benoît Veilleux.  When healthy, he is a star.  Unfortunately that's been a problem with him, as he hasn't played more than 145 games a season in his career and has only been healthy enough to play in 96 games over the past two season.  He is a career .315 hitter and a strong defender if he can actually stay on the field.

3B) Alfredo Rosado.  A late free-agent acquisition, Rosado hit .269 with 19 home runs for Goliad in 2086 with strong defense at the hot corner. 

LF) Álex Cruz.  The one true bright spot in the lineup, it's kind of telling that a player who has put up 10.7 WAR over the past two seasons almost feels like a disappointment.  But Cruz continues to produce and that's all that really matters.

CF) Santiago González.  Was last year's .294/.351/.402 season with London a mirage?  Possibly so, but the club is hoping that he may have found himself, and even his production over the previous two years represents an upgrade from incumbent Sergio González, who finds himself filling a bench role this year.

RF) Melvin Richards.  Richards performed admirably in his September time last year (.313/.356/.482 in 22 games), and the outfield depth is thin enough for him to get the starting nod coming into the 2087 season.

C) Bill López.  The departure of Bo Tsu leaves a massive hole behind the plate, one that López (who hit .175 for Punxsutawney last year) will occupy.  Because he certainly won't fill it.

DH) Bobby Doyle.  A waiver pickup from Orlando during the offseason, Doyle is expected to bring some thump to the lineup (he hit 20 home runs in 65 AAA games last year) while hopefully providing better contact numbers than Plácido Morales did.

SP) Tony López, Keitaro Shimuzu, Chris Daye, Alfredo Rivera, Nick Pearson.  López may be taking his victory lap in Cheddar Bay, but the 38-year-old still managed to win 14 games and put up a 4.20 ERA last year.  Shimuzu (12-13, 4.52) probably has the best stuff of anybody on the starting staff, the question is just whether he'll be able to harness it.  Daye (10-13. 3.67 with Orlando) is a bargain free agent who has always been solid for the Stars.  Rivera (0-3, 3.38 in 17 games) and Rule 5 pickup Pearson (4-1, 2.36 in 38 AAA games) will round out the starting staff.

RP) Ramón Avalos, Roberto Rivera, Miguel Aguilar, Cliff O'Keefe, Mike Kern.  Lefty Avalos (3-1, 4.53) was decent in his rookie season last year.  Hopes are very high for Rivera, who made his debut last year and may be ready to step into the rotation if needed.  Aguilar (0-0, 1.29 in 8 games) is another young fireballer with promise.  O'Keefe (6-7, 3.10) was a strong presence out of the bullpen last year.  Onetime rotation stalwart Kern (1-9, 4.12) finds himself filling a long relief role, but may also be called upon to start again if needed.
CL) Logan Anderson.  Anderson was terrific in his second shot a tthe closer role, notching 38 saves while posting a 1.65 ERA.

Bench) IF Daniel Allen, IF Cisco Rivera, OF Sergio González, OF Milos Kralj, C Roosevelt Milton.  Both Allen (.199/.249/.317) and Rivera (.241/.272/.329) are versatile defenders who have both been used more than expected over the past couple of seasons largely due to Veilleux's DL stints.  González (.220/.310/.304), similarly, has been overexposed with an every day role but should be more effective as a backup.  Waiver claim Kralj (.276/.379/.492 in AAA) is a bat-first, glove-second player.  Milton (.165/.230/.313) will back up López, which goes to show how thin it is behind the plate in Cheddar Bay.

The Biscuits are coming off back-to-back losing seasons for the first time since 2064/5.  Is this squad improved enough to get back to .500?
Off Topic Forum / Re: My mother-in-law
« Last post by eriqjaffe on December 12, 2018, 08:48:44 AM »
Well, so far she's been doing a lot better.  It's helping that a lot of her other kids (my wife is the youngest of 9, although only my wife and one of her brothers lives in the midwest) have been checking in on her.  A couple of my in-laws flew in late last week and more are going to be coming during December.  So she's being informally monitored for the time being, hopefully some of this will stick.
Off Topic Forum / Re: My mother-in-law
« Last post by CMH on December 11, 2018, 01:13:41 PM »
I didn't really make it public. I think I told a couple people in passing for some reason. I don't remember why. Maybe trade talks that stopped while I was in the hospital? I don't recall.

But I'm here and I'm just as pissed at this team!

I really do hope your mother-in-law can eat at least a little bit healthier.
Off Topic Forum / Re: My mother-in-law
« Last post by eriqjaffe on December 06, 2018, 03:43:30 PM »
First off, holy crap!  I don't remember that!

And yeah, diet would make a huge difference.  But it would make a huge difference for her diabetes and she didn't change.  Heck, she was literally trying to get the hospital to give her cream pies.  :/
Off Topic Forum / Re: My mother-in-law
« Last post by CMH on December 06, 2018, 12:08:40 PM »
I'll sound like a broken record saying this since you already mentioned it and it sounds like your mother-in-law is pretty much like most Americans when faced with heart is so so so important.

One or two guys here know this but I had a heart attack nearly four years ago. Went into cardiac arrest for 7 minutes. Got lucky to have an EMT that didn't want to give up on me. Fort Collins probably not so lucky.

The impacted area of my heart (which I believe was also the left ventricle) was at 30% as well.

I used to work out a lot but I admit I've slacked a lot since the heart attack. I still play baseball (though I stopped this winter) but I don't lift or run as much or at all like I did before the heart attack. But, my diet had a lot to do with me getting my heart back to 60-70% capacity. Doctor says other than clear trauma to the heart (which won't ever go away), my heart is behaving and looks like nothing ever happened to it.

So here is where I talk about diet because it will likely aggravate most Americans that may eventually get a heart attack. I went 100% vegan. In fact, I was also 100% oil-free for two years. I'm not oil-free anymore though I do watch my intake, but I remain 100% vegan and have no plans on going back. It's not easy especially if you don't cook your own meals or live in an area that doesn't have many vegan restaurants (for those times you just want someone else to make your meal because you're lazy) but it's the best advice I can give.

Now, I understand that if someone is already going to fight you on the food they want to eat, it's probably impossible to have them go vegan. And I'm not going to go into the whole ethical reasons or whatever. I did it purely for my health and I've seen positive results. I hope maybe more vegetables and healthy foods become a part of her diet. It will help.
Off Topic Forum / My mother-in-law
« Last post by eriqjaffe on December 06, 2018, 09:42:32 AM »

I mentioned that she was in the hospital in the announcements forum.  She went in last Tuesday, after having trouble breathing for nearly two days.  My wife basically had to force her to go.  She was suffering from pulmonary efflusions, which are essentially sacs of fluid around the lungs, constricting her breathing capacity.  They gave her something to drain that fluid and put her on oxygen, which seems to have taken care of that.

Of course, it's far more complicated than that, as they also determined that she was suffering from heart failure.  She had a massive heart attack a number of years ago, and may have had another recently - I'm not entirely clear on that because I'm getting a lot of this information third-hand (the doctors tell my brother-in-law, who tells my wife, who tells me).  They discovered more blockages when they performed an angiogram to check on her existing stents, but determined that the affected area of the heart is essentially just dead tissue by now.  Due to the heart issues her ejection fraction (a measurement of what percentage of blood the left ventricle pumps out with each beat), which is usually around 70% for a normal heart, is around 30%.  So her heart is functioning at somewhere below half capacity.

When they sent her home, they did so largely because there isn't really much they could have done for her.  While the lower heart capacity is bad, it's not necessarily fatal as long as she follows her doctor's advice, doesn't strain herself, and pays attention to her diet.  And therein lies the real problem.  She is extremely stubborn and just does what she wants.  She is diabetic, and will often have nothing but high-sugar foods (cream puffs for breakfast!) and then wonder why she feels so terrible.  My wife went over to check on her last night, and she was talking about moving furniture, which goes pretty clearly against the whole "don't strain herself" thing.  She has always said that she wants to just go quietly at home, and I'm pretty sure that, that will win out over self-preservation in the end.
Confirmed Trades / Re: ABQ - WAS trade
« Last post by eriqjaffe on September 17, 2018, 09:50:42 PM »
Confirmed Trades / Re: ABQ - WAS trade
« Last post by claphamsa on September 16, 2018, 06:26:40 PM »
Confirmed Trades / ABQ - WAS trade
« Last post by jeheinz72 on September 16, 2018, 05:23:20 PM »
The Blues send 2b Greene (AA) for SP Jason Hill
Confirmed Trades / Re: Punxsutawney - Fort Collins
« Last post by eriqjaffe on August 05, 2018, 09:15:34 PM »
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